Monday, April 23, 2007

Goodbye Friend

Our hearts and souls are filled with sadness today as we had to say goodbye to one of our most beloved family members. Cali has climbed more peaks, hiked on more glaciers and gone on more expeditionary trips than most people we know. She greeted everyone with joy, treated every creature she met with kindness and asked for nothing in return... except for a nice back rub, a massage behind her ear or an invite to swim in a high mountain lake. Her sweet disposition, silly grins and eagerness to explore will be missed dearly. She touched everyone who met her. Her heart and spirit will be with us always in every mountain we climb, every trail that we hike and in every adventure we partake. Cali is a perfect illustration that life is a journey; not a destination.

We dedicate our trip to her enduring spirit and enthusiasm
(Caliente "Cali" Feb 15, 1993 - April 23, 2007)