Monday, April 2, 2007

"RubiKon Warrior"
Last September we purchased a used 21' V6 Toyota Motor home. The reasons are obvious, they're inexpensive to obtain, very economical, legendary reliability, 14-17 mpg and parts are readily obtainable... need we say more? To get her "expedition worthy" we made some modifications such as: re-enforcing the rear frame; a custom rack for a stow box and 2 bikes; a roof rack for the boats; removed the roof air (who needs air cond in the North?) and added amenities such as a flat panel TV display and new stereo. She is 14 years old, w/29K original miles. We store her in an airplane hangar during the wintery PacNW months. The picture shows the metamorphosis she has under gone in our preparations, including pics in her former desert home and her new home in the PacificNW... and yes, that meant driving in the snow a few times. An absolute cutie; she will be the hub of our existence and we are counting on her to get us there and back with no problems.
Departure Date: May 26, 2007