Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And They Are Off!

The great departure was Sunday 5/27/2007 at approximately 10:30 am PDT. It was really something to see all the planning and preparation come together and watch them drive away. Lee called yesterday morning, they had an uneventful border crossing, but did have the misfortune of running out of gas. It seems the little town where we've filled up in the past has closed down both their gas stations. Alas, they didn't quite make it to the next stop. Some kind hearted Canadians (as is our experience with most we have met) picked Lee up, drove him to town and back.
I expect that they began the first 'mini-expedition' of the trip kayaking around the Bowron Lakes circuit today and will emerge sometime next week. I'm thinking of them as I look outside at the beautiful weather here and wish I were paddling along with them!

Until next time,