Thursday, June 7, 2007

Finally Hearing from my 'Boys'

It was great to receive a phone call from my 'boys' tonight. We chatted for nearly an hour. I have to say that this may have been the most 'exciting' trip ever with the wildlife encounters. Listening to them describe their experiences and reading the blog, I am suffering from a major case of envy! :)

Johann has really matured in his skill in the Umiak -- he has always paddled with great skill, but he can now maneuver that thing like a 5th limb. He impresses others traversing the circuit and especially the owner of Beckers Lodge who has been there for many years. Lother made a big announcement in the dining hall the night they returned about how the 'little guy' can navigate the full circuit under his own power. Yes, I'm a proud mama.

I'm missing them a bit, wishing that we could have experienced these things together. However, I am so happy that Lee and Johann are getting this opportunity to spend some significant time together on an adventure of a lifetime.

I can't wait to read what happens next!