Friday, June 29, 2007

Atlin Lake
The Most Beautiful Lake in the World
Our schedule allowed for us to take another trip into the southern lakes region for a couple of days before we took to the Yukon River.

We headed to Atlin, the most northern town in British Columbia; a very remote First Nations Village.

Life in this part of the world is laid back and simple. The scenery is spectacular and the locals are very kind. However, all this come s at a hefty price….. The bugs were the worst we’ve ever seen. Mosquitoes, Horseflys the size of… well horses!!! And many bugs we’ve never seen before. #@!! they were BAD!!! They hung like clouds around your head.

We witnessed one of the most incredible sunsets ever at Atlin on the first night. After the bugs went to bed.

We had a look at the Tarahne, the first gasoline powered boat in the Yukon. It is being restored in hopes of offering first class Tours again.

Off to a campground at 12:30 a.m. with the evening Alpenglow to our backs.

The next day we went to an old gold mining ghost town called Discovery and on to Surprise Lake.

We discovered some warm springs and went for a dip. “Yukon” Johann’s first real bath in about a week.
It was relaxing sitting in amongst the mountains and getting away from the bugs.

The “RubiKon” Warrior Adventure vehicle was a bit dirty. All the roads are entirely gravel and glacial silt deposits mixed with Calcium-Chloride… courtesy of the gov’t to control dust and bind the gravel together. YUM!

At the end of Atlin Lake, nested in the mountains is the Llewellyn glacier. It is in one of the most remotes parks in the world… accessible only by boat or plane. Someday, we must come back and paddle there. It is nothing shy of spectacular.

We couldn’t help but stop every so often and soak up the views and take a picture.

Later that day, we decide to climb a trail up Monarch mountain… we begin hiking at 9:00 pm!!!!

The views were undeniably beautiful and worthy of several stops for pictures along the way.

The flowers were in full bloom.

Best pals!

One happy father!

The summit was the best of all. Here I am at 11 pm. No bugs above tree line.

At 12:30 am we went to bed. What a day!

Must come back someday and paddle the lake and the surrounding areas. The scenery is to die for.