Friday, July 6, 2007

200 Miles on the Yukon River
Lee and Johann called this afternoon. They are 217 miles into their trip on the Yukon, 250 more to go. They are taking a rest in a small village Carmacks where they had access to a phone. They have not seen much wildlife on this stage of the trip, only one moose and no bears. However, the scenery on the river has more than made up for it. Along they way they have seen the skeletal remains of several old sternwheelers that where used along the river in days gone by.
Here's a link to a great map of the entire river: They are traveling from Whitehorse to Dawson.
Their waterfilter broke at some point on the trip. Once again a generous Canadian bailed them out and loaned them their filter for the trip down the river. They will return it to them when they pass through Whitehorse to pick up the Toy House and continue their journey. They've made some great friends along the way. I've been receiving email and pictures from a few and it's quite a treat to hear from others who have been enjoying my little family.
I won't hear from them again until next weekend when they reach Dawson.