Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Iksut B.C.
All Types of People on All Types of Vehicles
Staying outside of a small Tahltan native community this evening. Rain is coming down steady... no leaks in our Toy House. We had to take one last photo at the Bear Glacier as we left Stewart B.C. :-)
Of course we saw 9 more bears today along with a moose and a Fox hunting outside our camp here. This country is so spectacular. We may have to come back this way. We almost stopped for a 5 day backpack trip in Mount Ediziza Provincial Park. There are developed hiking trails up on the tundra to some volcanic cones. They loooked very tempting and are a geological marvel. But... then we wouldn't be able to do the Chilkoot trail. But, if we come back this way... who knows.
In Hyder, we met a fellow from Seattle on his motorcycle, attempting to go to Prudoe Bay and back in 9 days. We wished him luck. This is incredible Adventure Motorcycling country. Someday, I hope to have a BMW 1200 GS Adventure to take up here. Yukon Johann says I can't go without him.
In the Iksut village we met another gent, Rob, who is completeing his world tour on his bicycle. He has been bicycling in China, Russia, Asia, Europe, South America and is finishing up in Alaska. He says he will be riding up the Dempster Highway and wants to Kayak from Inuvik to Prudoe Bay (Deadhorse). What an adventure? If work didn't get in the way, I would be doing the same thing. What a life. I'll be looking for his book. Good Luck Rob!
P.S. Note the water bottle just behind the front wheel. He is carring over 100lbs of gear!!