Friday, June 15, 2007

Yukon - The Dream Becomes Reality

A dream comes true. We finally enter the Yukon. A new adventure awaits us in the days ahead.

Nothing seems more welcoming to a vistor than immediately getting the law laid out. In addition headlights must be on at all times as well. Once you start driving these beautiful highways you will quickly understand why.

The weather is sunny and warm. Before heading off to Whitehorse we had to see the SignPost Forest in Watson Lake and get some lunch.
On the drive to Whitehorse we encountered a bit of thunder showers.

We spent a quiet night in Teslin (along a 78 mile lake that extends into B.C. and drains into the Yukon River). It is sure beautiful; rain or shine.

Capital of the Yukon

On our way to Whitehorse we took a detour to Carcross and saw some wildlife like this Bald Eagle witing for a meal along a peacful river.

At the junction of the Klondike highway, near Carcross (between Whitehorse and Skagway), we came across the worlds smallest desert. We hiked it and survived without water for all of 30 minutes :-)

More later, Take care my good friends, "Moose Lee & Yukon Johann"